March 6, 2015

Check out our New Website + Blog

Thank you for visiting this blog, 
where I've recorded the learning and resources 
for building a healthy house.  

Since then, I have been busy building...

L I S A   T H A R P   D E S I G N

a firm committed to the principles of healthy design, 
and to creating interiors that embody 
a signature blend of luxury + simplicity.

I invite you to visit our new website

where I continue to blog about design inspiration and keeping life simple.  

I will keep this blog available for all those seeking help 
on their own quest for healthier living. 
[I apologize for any broken links, and hope 
that the substance of the many blog posts contained herein 
will still be of use.]

Thank you for accompanying me on this rewarding journey.  
I wish you joy in pursuit of your own endeavors.



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