October 13, 2009

Insulate for Efficiency and for Health

Areas under the roof receive an extra layer of rigid foam insulation prior to drywall

The exterior of THE CONCORD GREEN HOME is almost complete, save the front elevation, which is still sporting its pink rigid foam insulation. As soon as the weather clears, the front facade will finally match the rest of the house.

Meanwhile, once the interior is bone dry (by starting up the new radiant heat and some dehumidifiers), open-cell spray foam will coat the entire assembly. This will be followed by drywall and plaster skimcoat, in order to achieve a well-sealed air & water-tight building envelope.

We had planned on using closed-cell insulation for its somewhat higher R-values, however, open-cell foam, like Icynene, does not require a multi-week curing time as it continues to off-gas chemicals. In this case, indoor air quality trumps slightly better efficiency gains.

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