May 28, 2010

Waiting for Nature's Little Miracles

Bringing in a bit of the outdoors while waiting for the grass to grow helps us stay patient with nature.  A weathered outdoor teak table, along with starfish and a seagrass basket from the very cool Spero Home in Concord, beautifully complement the living room's reclaimed antique heartpine flooring.

Inspirations from the sea remind us to water the Eco-Lawn grass seed until it gets established at THE CONCORD GREEN HEALTHY HOME.  

The eco-friendly seed has finally been sown.  Trim still needs a fresh coat of paint, the driveway needs its topcoat, and the cable guy will soon be connecting to the house... but we are closing in. 

Once the grass shows us where it is happy to grow with minimal water and attention, xeriscaping with low-maintenance plants and mosses will fill in the landscape.

A layer of peat moss on top of the grass seedlings helps them retain moisture as they compete with the massive sugar maple trees for water.


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  2. Eco lawn interesting concept


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