June 5, 2010

Test Photos Offer Sneak Peek of Healthy, Sustainable Home

Test photo of THE CONCORD GREEN HOME kitchen captures all of that beautiful sunshine streaming in through the french doors, breakfast nook windows and skylights.  Daylighting was a central design tenet of the project.  Photo: Jerome Eno

While there is more work to do -- exterior trim painting, landscaping, interior furnishings - these few test photos taken by local photographer Jerome Eno give you a sense of THE CONCORD GREEN HOME today.

Test shots of THE CONCORD GREEN HOME's exterior, prior to trim and door painting, and landscaping.  Photos: Jerome Eno

I wanted the simple, but beautiful finish selections to complement the New England Farmhouse vernacular of this healthy, sustainable home.  Here, in the ADA-accessible wetroom - complete with water-conserving dual-flush toilet - the limestone plank tile reads a bit like weathered wood wainscot.  Photo: Jerome Eno

When I think back to the original design brief that I wrote for the home in early 2008, I am most proud to have assembled the talented team that helped me bring those goals to life.  While I will continue thanking the many folks of these firms for a long time, I would like to specifically acknowledge the following individuals today -- not only for their skill and expertise, but above all, for their belief that a complex project such as this, replete with its many lofty goals and tight constraints, was possible. 

ZeroEnergy Design
Stephanie Horowitz, Lead Architect/Managing Director
Jordan Goldman, Principal Engineer/LEED AP
Adam Prince, Business Development Principal
Emile Chin-Dickey, LEED AP/Principal

Connor Homes
Steve Haskell, Lead Architect/LEED AP
Mike Connors, Founder
Gail Rice, Director of Business Development

Aedi Construction
Matt Ayers, Project Manager/Principal
Patrick Hughes, Site Supervisor
Mark and Norm Beaulieu, Principals

Sustainable Construction Inc.
Daniel Glickman, Consultant/Founder

Thank you.



  1. Hi Lisa,

    Thank you so much for letting me photograph in your beautiful home - the images were a huge hit with my teacher and class, and all the faculty at NESOP. I passed portfolio review with flying colours and will be graduating this Friday.


  2. Hi Jerome.

    Thank YOU for the beautiful photos. I am already getting inquiries for your work on other projects. Interested?

    Cheers, and congratulations on completing your studies. They have obviously paid off.



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