August 5, 2010

Durable Non-Toxic Finishes Now Easier to Find

Happy to announce that two of my favorite products - ECOS Organic Paints and Mythic Paints - are now locally available.

ECOS Organic Paints

ECOS Paint, a breakthrough line of finishes from the UK, is now being manufactured right here in the US.  You may recall that we used ECOS Floor Paint on all of the THE CONCORD GREEN HEALTHY HOME's bedroom and loft floors (earlier post).  Contractors, painters and I all referred to it as "liquid gold", not only because, back in the spring, we had to pay costly shipping from overseas, but also due to its incredible hide, lovely sheen options and durability.   Now, you can order ECOS online, and ship direct to your door in just a few days.

Perhaps even more exciting is the availability of ECOS non-toxic wood varnishes and stains.  I just received samples, and am looking forward to giving them a test drive.  Wish we had known about this option before we used the best low-VOC finish then available for the reclaimed heart pine flooring!  (earlier post on finish contest)

Mythic Paint

Mythic Paint, my first love in the non-toxic paint category, is now available at Terrene of Acton, right here in Acton, MA.

 Rick Woodland, of Terrene Green Building Supply of Acton, and proud distributor of Mythic Paint

I stopped by to see Rick Woodland at Terrene recently, as he welcomed the Mythic Paint line into his showroom.  Rick is the kind of retail manager that we all need.  He championed the addition of Mythic to Terrene's portfolio of sustainable and healthy building products.  Now we all benefit (I just had a painter today thank me for specifying Mythic on his project -- no smell, no fumes, great performance).  Rick confirmed that they can match major manufacturer's colors for you, or you can choose a hue from the Mythic fandeck, including some of HGTV star David Bromstad's favorites.

 David Bromstad, star of HGTV's Color Splash, first season winner of HGTV's Design Star (he got my votes!), and new spokesperson for Mythic Non-Toxic Paint.

Mythic was used on all of the THE CONCORD GREEN HEALTHY HOME's interior walls, ceiling, cabinetry and trim, (earlier post) and will soon be applied to the home's exterior as well.

Both the ECOS and Mythic lines are high-performing, and in a class all their own -- healthy for your family, healthy for you, and healthy for all those hard-working trades people who are exposed to freshly applied paint on a regular basis.

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