September 24, 2010

Healthier Cleaning for your Carpets and Upholstery

 The Persian carpet in its last home, prior to 6 years in storage.  Photo:  Concord Green

Just rescued a gorgeous Persian hand-knotted, vegetable-dyed carpet that had been wrapped up for 6 years with its latex rug pad.  Boy, did the thing stink when we opened it up.  At that moment, I was convinced that I would have to ban it from THE CONCORD GREEN HEALTHY HOME.  [Word to the wise -- do not have anyone store your precious carpet with a rug pad!  :) ]

Thankfully, I researched healthy carpet cleaning methods and found Green Homes Carpet Cleaning of Franklin, MA.  Owner Jonathan Kava paid a house call to the ailing carpet, and even let me smell his cleaning products to make sure that they would be tolerated by chemically sensitive folks.  He also did patch-testing to ensure the the carpet dyes would remain unharmed.  I appreciated how much time and thought Jonathan put into this one small project, to make sure that his methods were safe for humans, the carpet and the planet.  If you are in his service area, I would highly recommend his company.  If not, research your options to ensure that your textiles get the best, healthiest care.



  1. Green carpet cleaning helps maintain the natural look of the fabric, and for stored carpets and rugs, it restores the fine looks of the material. I prefer green products when it comes to carpet cleaning. Katy, TX, an eco-friendly place, has opened my eyes to possible threats of using chemical-based products. These products not just harm the environment, but also people.


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