November 19, 2010

Affordable and Healthy Custom Furniture? Yes.

New dining table for 

QUESTION: How does one find furniture that is:
  • Healthy (non-toxic finishes)?
  • A pleasing design that perfectly matches your aesthetic scheme?
  • Custom fit to your exact specifications?
  • Affordable?
  • Short leadtime?
ANSWER:  Go custom!

Ok, I know what you are thinking.  Custom is hardly affordable, nor speedy.  But consider this.  If your design style is simple (think Ruralist, Belgian, Farmhouse, Beachy, Painted...), and you can find a capable handy person, you may just have your answer.   (My friend and colleague Norton fit the bill.)

I knew that the Dining Room needed a statement table that was large and substantial.  I considered zinc top, which is all the rage, and has such lovely patina over time, but budget and leadtime kept getting in the way.  Instead, I asked Norton to build a chunky 120" x 40" x 3" thick table with X-braces (to play up the same detail on the Office sliding barn doors).

I went to the lumber yard to pick out 3" thick slabs of lumber myself.  Knots were fine with me, as they provide the table with character through the paint finish.

I varnished the base with non-toxic wood varnish from Ecos Organic Paints and did a paint wash on the top with non-toxic Mythic Paint.  More photos of the finished piece coming soon.

Norton did a beautiful job, don't you think?  Thank you, Norton!

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