March 21, 2011

Indoor Green: Healthy Plants and Flowers bring the Outdoors In

 Photo:  Courtesy of Copper Penny Flowers

Nothing connects our interiors to the outside world better than plants and freshly cut flowers.  There are even great choices for minimizing water use, and for those who suffer from allergies.  Check out these beauties from Copper Penny Flowers.

 Seedums, such as these "Hens and Chicks" add fresh succulent beauty, and require very little water.     Photo:  Kauffman Tharp Design
Orchids are not only beautiful, they are rated a 1 for "Best" on the OPALS allergy rating scale.  Photo:  Kauffman Tharp Design

Jennifer Eaton, owner of Copper Penny Flowers, can provide beautiful plant selections based on your own Healthy House goals.  Here, she makes sure that everything looks perfect for the recent television and print shoots.
A big thank you to Jennifer for the gorgeous finishing touches!


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