April 18, 2011

Double Duty Rooms: Dining Room / Library

Dining Room / Library of THE CONCORD GREEN HEALTHY HOME  Design by Lisa Kauffman Tharp.  Photo: Eric Roth
A core strategy in building with a lighter footprint on the planet is to build smaller.  Assigning double duty to the traditionally under-utilized rooms in the American home is a perfect way to achieve the goal.  One of my favorite examples is the dining room that doubles as a library.  Key elements include a large table, comfy chairs (non-matched seating is like a good party that mixes different personalities), storage for books (displayed or hidden is up to you), and lots of sunshine during the day.  At night, dimmer switches and candle lanterns completely transform the mood.

A different daytime view of the Dining Room / Library.  Design and photo: Lisa Kauffman Tharp

Here are some of my favorite inspirations for the "Eat In Library":

Design by Diane Bergeron

Design by Miles Redd

Design by Darryl Carter, as featured in O at Home

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