August 4, 2011

One grand gesture...

Large scale pendants grace the kitchen of The Concord Green Healthy Home.  Photo:  Eric Roth
Sometimes, one grand gesture can pull an entire room together.  I designed these oversize pendants, hung from the ridge beam of the gable roof 16' up, to make a bold statement in the Concord Green Healthy Home's kitchen.  Crafted by Carol Collord of Creations by Carol, the 100% linen shades with exposed twine stitching provide a soft, Belgian farmhouse accent to the light and airy space.

The pendants frame the symmetry of the kitchen beautifully.  In the evenings, pools of light on the island's concrete countertop set the mood.    Photo: Allegra Anderson Photography

Photo: Allegra Anderson Photography

A huge thank you to Carol for her incredible work and meticulous attention to detail.


  1. It is definitely a grand gesture. It looks so amazingly elegant. Keep up the good work!

  2. What a beautiful kitchen! All the lighting is amazing.

  3. Thank you, Kat. I should also mention that I am very pleased with the wall sconces from Visual Comfort that we mounted above the upper cabinets. I was inspired to use what are typically double-hinged library lights in a slightly unorthodox way. They accent the glass cabinets in an art-gallery sort of way, while throwing plenty of task light onto the wood countertops.

    Thanks again for stopping by.



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