September 27, 2011

Pushing the Envelope on Healthy Home Design

The first Hempcrete and Purepanel home built in North America, by Push Design, epitomizes building principles that are healthy for people and the planet.

One terrific outcome of being featured on the DIY Network's show This NEW House is connecting with others who are seeking a healthier way to design and build homes.  I was thrilled to be contacted by Anthony Brenner, the visionary behind Push Design, who was inspired by his daughter Bailey's struggle with severe Environmental and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS).  Brenner tirelessly researched building materials to create the safest, non-toxic "recipe" for the homes his company now builds.

Interiors can be healthy AND beautiful.  Photo: Push Design

Brenner's philosophy is that "the current industry standard of ultra-tight, chemical and petroleum-based building strategies is, by nature, inherently flawed. We are confident that high thermal mass, breathable and naturally-based building systems can not only achieve the same or better energy efficiency, but also eliminate any Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) concerns and are truly sustainable."

Ashville, NC's first non-toxic home, in progress.  Photo: Push Design
Brenner is pioneering the use of revolutionary materials, such as Tradical Hemcrete, made from hemp, one of the most sustainable crops on earth, in order to create truly non-toxic homes. 

Check back for more updates on Push Design soon.

Cheers, and good health.


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