July 17, 2009

Panelized Construction - Efficient and Green

Imagine having a beautiful, classic, high quality home like this...

delivered in panels, like these...

... a big jigsaw puzzle just waiting to be put together by your able contractor. That's exactly how THE CONCORD GREEN HOME will be built. You are looking at the Exterior Shell for two stories plus attic in the photo above.

It's called Panelized Construction. The entire house shell is detailed down to the individual piece...

and then cut and pre-assembled in a factory.

The benefits of panelized construction are many:
  • Protection from the elements - materials stay dry, preventing hidden rot and mold from ever developing (critically important in a healthy house project like ours), and workers can keep working, no matter what the weather
  • Minimizes waste - Materials are precision cut, and what little waste is left over is reused or recycled
  • Faster build saves time and money
Lucky for our project, these panels are created by Connor Homes, a historic reproduction home company out of Middlebury, VT. Experts in classical proportion, and timeless, durable materials, Connor designs "new old homes" - new homes that look like they have been there for years, even centuries. Here's a slightly broader sampling of their homes, which is mouthwatering eye-candy for the traditionalist side of me.


  1. What a great inspirational project....and a very special dedication. I will be folowing your progress. Good luck!

  2. What a great project and can't wait to follow!

  3. Wow. It amazes me how beautiful these houses have become! This will be a good project for you.

    Panelized home construction is like a DIY home construction because, as you said, it's like a jigsaw puzzle that needs to be pieced together. It has been a life-long fascination of mine to do a do it yourself house building as I will be constructing my home hands-on and according to my taste and needs. Isn't it nice to build your dream house on your own? I bet it is.


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