March 11, 2010

Eco-friendly Speed Curing for Concrete Countertops

 Concrete island counter installed and waiting for it's speed cure treatment...

Once made, concrete countertops can take up to 4 additional weeks to cure -- your countertop could be off-gassing in your home for some time after it arrives.  Josh at J. Aaron Cast Stone countertops shared a simple tip with me that cuts that curing time by 80%.  Simply wipe the entire surface with a mix of 1:1 vinegar and water.  Is there anything that vinegar can't do?  :)  CLARIFICATION - Check with your manufacturer, as other countertops from different suppliers may be destroyed by this method.  Thank you, Josh for the clarification!!

Integral drain board in custom concrete countertop.  Photo:  J. Aaron Cast Stone.


  1. Yes... and Powerblanket will also speed up the job by pre-heating slabs and curing wet concrete.

  2. What is a Powerblanket?


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