February 18, 2010

Find Hidden Storage Opportunities in a Not-So-Big-House

Kitchen range hood and plank backsplash are almost complete. Hood will be flanked by upper glass cabinets, along with recycled SubZero refrigerator/freezers and pantries on either side.

Building smaller is better for the environment, but it requires that every square inch be utilized. Here in THE CONCORD GREEN HEALTHY HOME kitchen, even the range hood will be pressed into storage service. On the outside, it looks like a typical range hood. But with hidden hinges on the upper front panel, precious additional storage will be gained by simply lifting and propping it open, much like the hood of your car during an oil change.

Cabinet doors removed for painting with Mythic Non-Toxic Paint.

Thank you, Patrick, for another wonderful extra touch.



  1. Lisa,

    Looks great, are those built in place / on site cabinets?

  2. Hi Concord Carpenter.

    THE CONCORD GREEN HOME kitchen includes retrofitted cabinets and appliances we were fortunate to obtain from a recent remodel (the island, SubZero and Miele wood-paneled appliances) along with some newly built components, i.e. the base drawers, upper cabinets and range hood. They were partially built off-site and then finished in place.

  3. Can you tell me what color the cabinets are painted? The house is beautiful.

  4. Hi Anonymous.

    Cabinets are painted in Mythic non-toxic paint matched to Benjamin Moore's Mayonnaise OC-85. Thank you for your kind words.


  5. Hi,

    Did you use Mythic's high gloss paint, and did you seal it with anything? They look beautiful, and I'm inspired by them to try the same thing in my kitchen.

    Thank you! Laura

  6. Hi,

    Did you use Mythic's high gloss paint on your cabinets, and did you seal them with anything? They are beautiful, and I'm inspired to try it in my kitchen.

    Thanks! ~Laura

  7. Hi Laura.
    We used Mythic in the semi-gloss finish. It has held up very well. I did not seal knots, so there is some bleed through in spots, but I would rather just touch up paint than add another ingredient in the mix. Cheers.


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