February 27, 2010

Inspiration and Tips for Eco-Friendly, Healthy Laundry Rooms

Hampton Design

Tip #1. Make it happy. Laundry won't seem like such a chore if you make this utility space stylish and bright.

This cheery laundry corner utilizes salvaged materials to amp up the charm. Design by Jane Coslick, as featured in Coastal Living.

Tip #2. Buy an Energy Star-rated washer. Front-load washers use significantly less energy and water than their top-load counterparts. Did you know that Energy Star doesn't even rate dryers? They are high energy consumption hogs that are best limited to only the most necessary uses.

The Electrolux Energy Star washer and dryer, with 18 minute cycle feature, will grace the THE CONCORD GREEN HEALTHY HOME laundry space. AJ Madison. The dryer's steam function will help eliminate trips to the chemical factory... er, I mean the dry cleaners. :)

Tip #3. Air-dry clothes whenever possible. It not only saves energy and money, but also helps them last longer.

Fresh summer breezes remind us that the classic, simple ways of doing things are often the greenest. Martha Stewart.

Who says that you can't line dry in winter, or on high-pollen days? This beadboard laundry rack lets you line dry in style. Ballard Designs.

Favorite Product Alert!  The Laundry Lift gives you 30' of drying line on pulleys that raise up out of the way when not in use, but give you high-drying capacity near the ceiling where the air is warmest.

Tip # 4. Get rid of toxic-laden fabric softeners and dryer sheets, whose cancer-causing fragrances are a real health hazard. Soften and refresh your laundry with natural laundry detergent - there are so many good ones now available.

Favorite Product Alert! I have tried many alternative laundry detergents and BioKleen is a winner. It is concentrated to reduce packaging and lighten your grocery load. Plus, it is safe for High Efficiency washers.
Favorite Product Alert! Static Eliminator dryer sheets are made from 100% hypoallergenic, re-usable, woven cloth. They work like magic and last for 500 loads! Safe for infants, allergy, asthma and eczema sufferers, as well as chemically sensitive individuals.

Tip # 5. Conserve Space. Like the increasingly popular Media Rooms, Laundry rooms are becoming huge showcase spaces in our modern homes, putting more pressure on Americans to build bigger instead of smarter. Resist, and eliminate extra square footage that drains your money and requires more energy to heat and cool. The laundry space in THE CONCORD GREEN HEALTHY HOME will be incorporated into the well-ventilated Master Bathroom, making that space work double duty, and eliminating the need for a separate sink.

Turn a wide hallway into a hidden laundry room. The frosted glass french door conceals stacked washer / dryer, and the built-in cabinetry houses pull out laundry hampers. Southern Living, photo: Laurey W. Glenn

See more Eco-Friendly Laundry Tips at The Daily Green's How To Make Your Laundry Room Green and EnergyStar.gov.

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