February 20, 2010

Front Entry Door - Cast your color vote!

Beautiful entry with classic, limited palette.
Smith & Hawken.

Front doors make a core design statement about your entire home. The entry is the architectural grace note that welcomes visitors and sets the stage for all that will follow.

Time to decide on the finish for THE CONCORD GREEN HEALTHY HOME's entry door. Painted? Wood? With the light gray metal roof and white clapboards, should we go...

Traditional deep charcoal / black?...

Or perhaps a beautiful wood finish? ...

What about a sassy green to punch up an otherwise classic palette? ...

Hmmm. What do you think?

Cast your votes or share links to your own photos in the Comments section below. :)

THE CONCORD GREEN HOME entry door awaits its fate.

Spring painting will have all of the trim sporting a crisp white. Can't wait to start landscaping too.

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  1. Wow.. This is great! I can say that Wood front doors are one of the most affordable choices available for homeowners and still allow the homeowner to change the color and varnish consistency to match their liking.

  2. I love the last green door with the woman standing next to it. Can you give me any info. on the color. It is the exact color I would like to do my entry door.

  3. Hi Terri.

    I wish I knew the color too. In the end, we painted the door a deep gray, along with the trim, just like in the first inspiration photo of this post. I will post new pictures soon.

    Let me know if you find out that color! It is a beauty. :)


  4. Love your blog Lisa!! I plan on referencing the first photo when I redo the entry to my cape cod. Navy is such a classic, chic color! I dug around and found the site that the lovely green from the last photo came from. It doesn't have a "name", I guess they label paints differently in Europe. Maybe it could be matched somewhere?

    It is labeled LP6 under Palette 2...

    Hope it helps!!!
    Sarah Young

  5. Sarah, thank you for being our color detective! Nice work.



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