August 21, 2009

One Week Farmhouse: Foundation to Rafters in 7 Days

Amazing to watch a house come together so quickly. Save the roof sheathing and the front porch, the volumes of THE CONCORD GREEN HOME are set.

With its bare wood exposed and the green Raindrop house wrap starting to show, the house is calling quite a bit of visual attention to itself. Once it's clad in simple clapboard, with a farmhouse roof on its head, landscaping at its feet, and the beautiful birch tree is replanted out front, this home will settle humbly back into its lovely surroundings, and hopefully -- if we have done our job well -- look like it has always been there.

Let's review the framing days, just for fun:

Day 1: Subfloor

Day 2: Walls of first floor

Day 3: Second floor walls. Stop and wait for more materials to arrive.

Day 4: Finish second floor walls

Day 5: Attic subfloor

Day 6: Gables going up.

Day 7: Roof rafters (Time to adjust the camera angle.)

The sweet attic dormer that survived several budget cuts. Glad it made it.

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