August 24, 2009

Why A Standing Seam Metal Roof is Sustainable

Credit: Iron Horse Standing Seam Roofing Co.

I am pleased to announce that
Iron Horse Standing Seam Roofing Co.
has signed on as a Sponsor of

  • RECYCLABLE - Made from recycled materials that are 100% recyclable
  • LIGHTER - 3x lighter than asphalt
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT - High solar reflectance bounces sunlight and heat away from home, thereby significantly reducing cooling loads, which account for 1/6th of all electricity generated in the US each year.
  • MOISTURE PROTECTION - Snow slips right off. Ice dams that cause serious structural damage never have the chance to form, which is why you find so many metal roofs dotting the New England countryside. Plus, the structure stays dry, thereby avoiding unhealthy mold growth.
  • DURABILITY - Can last a lifetime. This is not the 'ole tin roof on the barn. Far outlasts asphalt, which contributes 13 billion pounds of waste to US landfills annually.
  • RAINWATER HARVESTING - A good option if you are considering collecting rainwater for irrigation of your gardens. The smoother, cleaner and more impervious the roof surface, the higher the water quality and volume that can be collected. Be sure to research the best finishes for your intended use.
Iron Horse hails from Vermont (a.k.a. MadCow Roofing in NH), where they know how to shed snow. They exclusively install Englert Metal Roofing.

Credit: Englert Inc.

A pretty modern-day farmhouse
in the Berkshire Mountain region of Western Massachusetts,
sporting it's metal top.

Architect: Andy Burr, FAIA; Photo: Ken Gutmaker, via Residential Architect Online

Wow! You can even use it on the ceiling. That's, uh, "thinking inside the box". :)

Credit: Iron Horse Standing Seam Roofing Co.

Check out Bob Vila's Vermont Farmhouse Standing-Seam Metal Roof Basics
to learn more about how this type of roofing is installed.


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