August 17, 2009

There's a new kid on the block... a lesson in Fast Framing.

A view from the park.
THE CONCORD GREEN HOME begins to take shape.

Hello Neighbors. Nice to meet you.

Construction always takes longer than planned, right? This past week, the opposite occurred. The panelized subfloor, first floor and part of the second floor went up so quickly - two days in fact - that the crew had to quit working until today when the next shipment of panels from Connor Homes arrived. Wow. I like panelized construction. A lot.

8:20 Wednesday morning, the walls started to go up.

Just 7 hours later, the first floor walls with all the door and window openings are done.

By 3 o'clock the next day, Aedi's crew was so far ahead of schedule, they had to quit until today.

Even the park views are nicely "framed".
The job site stays incredibly clean.

Patrick, our site supervisor, said that the dumpster is still almost empty. If this job were stick-built, the waste would be piling up, and multiple dumpsters would be trucking out to the landfill.
Yes, panelized construction is a good thing.

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