August 8, 2009

Time-Lapse Photography Is Capturing the Entire Construction Process

Got the first photos from the time-lapse camera yesterday. Very cool. Can't wait to stitch them all together when the house is complete, and post the "movie" here.

Precision Recycling in Action:
After the interiors were deconstructed and salvaged for reuse, wood and glass were hauled off to the recycling facility. With stone and brick to follow, the chimney was the last one standing.

Poof! Down it goes.

New England Drilling excavated on the late shift. Their work has been stellar.
Nifty infrared night shooting, don't you think?

The foundation forms go up...

The foundation is revealed.

A thing of beauty...
wearing its bottom coat of environmentally-friendly waterproofing,
curing under the setting sun.

Vapor barrier, rigid insulation and slab go in.

Filling back in around the foundation.
All ready for Monday's big delivery of the panelized first floor from Connor Homes in Vermont.

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