August 5, 2009

Something Old, Something New - The Unusual Marriage of New Building Science and Historic Reproduction

"Too many cooks spoil the soup". That nagging thought kept haunting me as I placed the first phone calls to ZeroEnergy Design and Connor Homes, to propose having two sets of architects design THE CONCORD GREEN HOME. To my delight, both companies were not only willing to entertain the idea, they enthusiastically embraced it.

THE CONCORD GREEN HOME embodies the talents and skills of the folks who designed this zero-energy-consuming gem...

... and this classic:

Photos: Eric Roth; Connor Homes

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  1. Hi Lisa. My name is Kristi. I work with Sam at NRCCUA and he told me you blog!! He said "google" it. :) So I did quickly.

    Haven't read it yet. But just wanted to say hi! (I have a private blog about my life with 3 little boys!)


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